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Colourful Houses In The Colourful Quarter Of La Boca - Buenos Aires
Colourful houses in the colourful quarter of La Boca



The quarter of La Boca in Buenos Aires is famous for its blue-and-yellow-wearing football club of Boca Junior, but also for its colourful open air street museum: Caminito.

This area became derelict in the middle of the 20th century, and has subsequently been redecorated by a local artist. The work took him several years. It has since been colonised by artists who expose their art in the street, as well as theatre and tango lovers.

This is the quarter of more: more colours, more derelict but quaintly decorated houses, more bustle and more tourists watching the tango dancers…

When visiting, brace yourself for an assault of colours. Although – or rather because - the quarter is extremely photogenic I found myself over-loaded with possibilities. After a while I realised that it just wasn’t possible to photography it all. Instead, I decided to concentrate on smaller details. These photographic excerpts are only tiny pieces of this quarter, yet they tell a lot about what this is about.



Window abstract
Window abstract



Caminito balcony
Caminito balcony



Bust and shadow
Bust and shadow


Checkered wall and window
Checkered wall and window


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One never baths twice in the same river, one never climbs the same mountain again. Everything is constantly flowing through time, evolving, and therefore unique.

This is the gift of life that we each have a unique experience of the world. Every moment needs to be appreciated, treasured. Through photography we clumsily attempt to extract that tiny slice of life, that magic moment, and put it in a square box before it flies away.

This site is a testimony to what happened once ... upon a planet

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    Because nature has given so much to us, 10% of the profits from the site are given back to a range of environmental charities. The remaining is invested to capture more of the magical world.