The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

- Marcel Proust









Have you already seen a picture of a place and thought ‘I want to be there’ ? This is what happened when I first saw a photo of the Gelidonia lighthouse. This was then followed by another thought ‘This is a great place for sunset’, closely followed by ‘and sunrise should be good too’. After further consideration I decided that it was also definitely worth experimenting night photography of the lighthouse surrounded by the stars.

In the previous article we saw how big a problem plastic garbage is. We will now see if there are any good solutions to get rid of this mess.

A new solution?

Some of the classic clean-up method is to get a series of boats out to sea and dragging nets to collect the garbage. This process is however very long, expensive and inefficient. It would basically take centuries before cleaner waters are achieved.

Another idea has been put forward a couple of years ago by Boyan Slat from The Ocean Cleanup project: instead of going to the garbage, why not let the garbage come to us! We can basically use the gyre currents to bring the plastic litter to a funnel from which the litter can be collected in a much more efficient way.

The tale of a few plastic bottles

There was once a plastic bottle thrown out. During a storm the wind blew it into the river, and a few days later it arrived into the sea. Very happy to finally see the wide ocean, it drifted slowly following the currents and the wind, until it arrived in a tranquil patch of water. Later it was joined by another bottle for a bit of company. This was then followed by another one, and an other one, and an other one... Soon there would be millions of bottles at sea. Not so tranquil anymore.

Didcot power station at dusk: the last smoke

Whether loved or loathed, it can’t be denied that Didcot power station is one of south Oxfordshire's iconic feature. The main chimney which is 200m tall and the six cooling towers (99m tall) can be seen from great distances in this relatively flat region.

There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.

- John Lennon (All you need is love)









This is a story where I didn’t get what I wanted.

Whilst preparing the trip to Cappadocia, there is one activity that really caught my imagination: a sunrise balloon flight over the rocky landscape. I was expecting it to be one of the highlights of the trip, but didn’t want to book in advance as the weather in this early season would still be unpredictable.

The weather was indeed very variable. As it happened, the days following my arrival didn’t have the right conditions for flights, leading to a long waiting list. It is only late in the evening before the only opportunity that I received the dreaded confirmation: there was no space left.

It was out of sheer frustration that I still decided to go up early the next morning: if I wasn’t going to be in the balloon, I would at least witness the takeoff and the sunrise. What I didn’t expect however, was the pure magic of that morning.

Colourful Houses In The Colourful Quarter Of La Boca - Buenos Aires

The quarter of La Boca in Buenos Aires is famous for its blue-and-yellow-wearing football club of Boca Junior, but also for its colourful open air street museum: Caminito.

After many hours crossing the Patagonia plain, the sight of Monte Fitz Roy is slowly getting closer. At the turn of the bend, it finally appears in all its glory.

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man

- Heraclitus