In the previous article we saw how big a problem plastic garbage is. We will now see if there are any good solutions to get rid of this mess.

A new solution?

Some of the classic clean-up method is to get a series of boats out to sea and dragging nets to collect the garbage. This process is however very long, expensive and inefficient. It would basically take centuries before cleaner waters are achieved.

Another idea has been put forward a couple of years ago by Boyan Slat from The Ocean Cleanup project: instead of going to the garbage, why not let the garbage come to us! We can basically use the gyre currents to bring the plastic litter to a funnel from which the litter can be collected in a much more efficient way.

The tale of a few plastic bottles

There was once a plastic bottle thrown out. During a storm the wind blew it into the river, and a few days later it arrived into the sea. Very happy to finally see the wide ocean, it drifted slowly following the currents and the wind, until it arrived in a tranquil patch of water. Later it was joined by another bottle for a bit of company. This was then followed by another one, and an other one, and an other one... Soon there would be millions of bottles at sea. Not so tranquil anymore.